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Press Release

- Hape announces addition of Käthe Kruse - 

(Luzern, Switzerland), February 10, 2013

HapeHolding AG (Hape) announced that it has added Kaethe Kruse Production and Distribution(Kaethe Kruse) to its platform of children’s products. Hape, known as the world’s largest producer of toys made of sustainable materials, is proud to announce the blending of Kaethe Kruse, one of the oldestGermanmanufacturersof authentic collectible, soft developmental and Waldorf-inspired dolls.

This collaboration joins together two toy industry leaders. The two German companies combined have over 130 years of experience in the toybusiness, creating endless opportunities for play and development around the word.

"Through our network we will open the door of the wonderful heritage of Kaethe Kruseto more children worldwide," says Peter Handstein, founder and CEO of Hape. "Ifeel a responsibility to carry this heritageforward," he adds.

"Kaethe Kruseis thrilled to have this opportunitytobe a part of the Hape platform," says AndreaChristenson, CEO of Kaethe Kruse. " We seea greatmutual benefit for thefuture development of international markets,"she adds.

Kaethe Krusecapturedthe beauty and innocenceof childhood more than 107years ago, when she started makingdolls for her own daughters. The company's commitment tooutstandingqualityand individuality has been carried throughtoday. Starting with the unique artistry of its founder, KaetheKruse, the company is recognized by dollenthusiasts as the industry leader of award winning collectibledolls, play dolls and soft developmental toys. From the simple Waldorf dolls to the sweet faced animal towel dolls and exceptionally created collectible toys, Kaethe Kruse is asought after purchase by discriminating parents and gift givers.

Kaethe Krusewill be a welcome addition to the Hapefamily.

Press release

Company Käthe Kruse GmbH

- Andrea Kathrin Christenson and Stephen Arthur Christenson Resign from the Käthe Kruse Group - 


Donauwörth 13 November 2013

Mrs. Andrea Kathrin Christenson and Mr. Stephen Arthur Christenson, both members of the management board of the company Käthe Kruse Group, will leave the Group by 15 November 2013, to concentrate on new professional opportunities.

Earlier this year, Hape Holding AG, Lucerne, Switzerland, joined Käthe Kruse. Their

resignation occurs after mutual agreement.  


For the successful performance, the personal engagement and enthusiasm, as well as their unlimited expertise, by which they have led the Käthe Kruse Group for more than two decades, I thank you warmly.


Käthe Kruse GmbH, 13 November 2013

Tobias Vorbach

Managing director of Käthe Kruse GmbH